Terms and Conditions of Music Tuition

1. Lessons

The teacher will give tuition in Series of lessons consisting of the number of lessons specified by the Learn Music Together payment plan.  The teacher will give the lessons online at the time arranged by the pupil and the teacher will reserve this time slot for the pupil.

2. Lesson Timetable

Before the first lesson of each series, the Teacher will give the Pupil written confirmation of the dates and times of all lessons in that series.  Holiday dates may occur partway through a series and 7 days written notice of these should be given by the pupil if the lesson is to be rearranged. 

3. Missed Lessons

All lessons will be charged for, unless the Teacher chooses not to do so because of exceptional circumstances.  If the Teacher cancels a scheduled lesson, the pupil may choose between (i) carrying the lesson forward; (ii) receiving a replacement lesson.

4 Location of lessons

The Teacher shall give lessons to the Pupil in accordance with the Agreement.  Tuition will be given to the Pupil via an online platform as agreed by the parties for a period to be agreed by the parties in writing during which the terms of this Addendum will apply. If the location given in the Agreement is ‘Online’ all lessons shall be given online in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and this Addendum.

5 Pupil’s teaching environment and equipment 

5.1 The Pupil shall be responsible for a suitable location for online tuition.

5.2 The Pupil shall be responsible for provision of technology suitable for the online tuition and shall ensure that any applications or other technology specified by the Teacher for the tuition is installed and tested before online lessons commence. The Teacher is not responsible for the loan or supply of any equipment or materials, unless agreed in writing in advance.

5.3 The Teacher is not liable for any delays or disruptions caused by technical difficulties of whatever nature at the Pupil’s home or their location for the lessons. The teacher shall not be required to make up any time lost through such incidents. 

5.4 The Teacher is not liable for any damage, technical faults or failures of equipment and software belonging to the Pupil or Pupil’s Parent or Guardian.

6 Other

All other terms in the Learn Music Together Agreement shall remain unaffected and remain in full force.