Do you find learning new music challenging? You wish you could sight read- am I correct?

When you can sight-read music, there are so many benefits.


Learning pieces is more fun and when you can sight-read there’s so much more music to enjoy!


Being able to sight- read will give you the confidence to try new music that you don’t know.


You’ll make faster progress towards you musical goals.

In this 5 day live and fun challenge. You’re going to get to…..

1) Find and keep the beat.

Learn a fun and addictive way of practising keeping a steady beat. Trust me it’s going to get the whole family wanting to join in!

2) Gain a better understanding rhythm

Learn how to use the metronome without frustration. You’ll get clarity on how to subdivide those beats, change rhythms instantly and get to grips with timing.

3) Read notes with ease

Reading notes quickly and finding them on your instrument is all part of sight-reading with confidence. We’ll look at a few ways that you can practice note reading.

4) Learn to Read Ahead

You’ve probably heard that reading ahead is the best way to develop your sight-reading, yet it’s one of the hardest things to practice. Right? I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I’ve come up with an excellent way for you to develop this skill.

5) Gain that CONFIDENCE to keep going

Learn that its ok to make mistakes when you are sight-reading. We’ll look at ways you can practice keeping the beat and fluency.

5 Days/ 15 Minutes

Quick and Easy tasks

Free Resources

Exercises provided for lots of extra practice!

All Online

Join in live or catch up on the replay

The challenge will be held in the free Music Lessons and Practice group-so you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

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Add some fun to your daily practice. Learn to sight-read with confidence and make progress faster with your music.

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