Enjoy playing more music today by learning how to boost your practice skills.

The fastest methods to gain consistency, accuracy and fluency in your playing

We all know that practice is essential to improve. However, learning how to practice effectively is a skill itself.

So congratulations on taking the time to invest in your playing. 

Are you ready to take your progress to new heights and get excited without those frustrating gaps and errors?

Effective practice will save you time, reap you better results and get you playing those pieces faster.

Before we dive in, there is a couple of things to note. 

  1. To get the best results after watching this video, choose a new piece or a section of music that you’ve never played before.
  2. Make sure it’s of the appropriate level and commit to implementing each method.

Are you ready?

Today I will share my top effective practice methods. I teach these inside my paid Academy Learn Music Together, which helps adult learners develop the practice habits they need to fulfil their musical potential and enjoy playing their favourite music. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to practice deliberately, so that you focus on achieving your goals.
  • Great ways to measure your level of progress
  • Exactly what you need to do throughout your practice sessions, including the duration, the warm and what to practice.

You’ll also find below a collection of extra materials to download to help you measure your level of progress. Reviewing your practice and reflecting on how it went is a fantastic way of boosting your confidence and driving your momentum.

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Next steps

Congratulations on taking the time to invest in learning the best methods to up-level your practice skills.

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