10 Tips that will help you learn more music accurately in less time.

No matter what musical instrument you play.

Not all practice means that you’ll make progress

Right now, I bet you constantly repeat things hoping they’ll improve

Or find you can play something one day and not the next

Or maybe you’re disappointed with your level of progress

If you want to improve faster without investing more time

Then this guide is for you!

It’s full of proven methods that will help you play music better

You’ll learn how to

🎶 Get better and quicker results by learning how to structure your practice

😀 What to do to get off to the best start when you begin a new piece.

🎵 Gain confidence and consistent progress through tried and tested methods that work

🎼 Avoid frustration and reduce errors when you practice.

⏰ Make the most of your practice time and achieve more, even if you are a busy person.

📶 Boost your motivation levels with insightful ways to measure your progress.

Plus there are lots of ideas you can do without your instrument. So you’ll have no excuse not to practice even if you are short of time.

Fiona Berry BMus (Hones), L.R.S.M, L.T.C.L, L.L.C.M

In this guide, music examiner, renowned teacher, and sought-after adjudicator Fiona Berry shares practice tips for music that work. Fiona is the author of #1 best selling book Play Music Better and she’s helped thousands of adult learners play music with confidence.

I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you”.

Here’s what others have to say

” I can now see phrases and scale patterns clearly and how they are constructed to achieve an effect. Today I was able to play 3 bars correctly 10 times in a row.

“I’m excited to share that I started a new piece. I marked things to remember on the music and then analysed which measures were repeated. I’m thrilled as progress is going well.”
Bev, Canada

“I know all about scales, arpeggio…etc. But, I actually have never thought about “recognizing“ these patterns in the music. Wonderful tips!”
Elisa, Canada

“I am really benefiting from small practice sections and the metronome.  I am now using the methods with other pieces.”
Esther, USA