By following my practice methods which combine scientific research and extensive teaching experience….

I can’t wait to show you how in this 3 part masterclass.

My methods are proven to work for any instrument and any musical style, but those who rely on sheet music will find them especially beneficial.

Whether you’ve been learning for years or you’ve just gotten started, practising the right way means...

You’ll achieve more in less time, meaning you’ll learn new material quicker and retain it longer.

You’ll improve your technical skills and attain proficiency at playing your instrument with better accuracy, speed and fluency.

You’ll play with more confidence, allowing your creativity and musical expression to shine through.

Many people dream of playing music well, but for some, the journey is more difficult than necessary. Even with investments in lessons, YouTube videos, and books, progress can still feel slow after hours of practice.


➡ You already practise regularly, but you still struggle to make the desired progress.

➡ You’re overloading yourself, making great progress one day, only to find that those annoying mistakes return the next session.

➡ You feel your age is against you, time is running out, and you lack musical talent.

Your ineffective practice methods are costing you progress, time and musical enjoyment!

You have to learn how to practice the right way!

It took me years to realise that improving technique requires mastering the art of practice. I learned from experience that endless repetition and lengthy practice sessions are not effective for achieving accuracy, fluency, and precision.

Through years of hard work, experience, and immersion in the latest research and techniques, I developed a methodology called Play Music Better. Now as a highly sought after adujudicator, examiner and teacher of over 25 years, I am proud to have helped countless adult learners unlock their full potential.

You can easily avoid making errors and make more rapid progress without hours and hours of work by developing the skill of effective practice.


The Play Music Better Masterclass

A masterclass for adults who are learning to play a musical instrument. It includes 3 comprehensive live sessions and covers all the essential topics you need to know to practice effectively while giving you time to absorb and practice what you’ve learned between sessions.

Meet Your Coach

The musician behind Learn Music Together and the book Play Music Better. I help adults who are learning to play a musical instrument practice in a better way and play with confidence.

For over 20 years, I’ve been teaching music. I am an examiner for Trinity College London and a highly regarded teacher.

I can’t wait to share my knowledge, so I hope you’ll join me.

Great Teacher!

“I love the way you work and deliver your knowledge… you are a great teacher and much more….  I will always value and hold on to what you have taught me… 💯 ✨️ 😌 🙏 “ Roxy


Each session builds on the previous




You’ll choose a piece to practice throughout the course of the week and implement my play music methodologies as you go. You’ll learn how to:

✅ Get off to the best start by learning what to do before you even play a note.

Save time by creating exercises from the music you are practising.

Avoid errors by learning how to structure your practice.

✅ Get the timing right with my easy 4-step process to rhythmic precision.

Improve every time you practice by knowing the best way to retain the progress you’ve already made.

Speed up your learning with my creative practice methods that work no matter what instrument you play or what level you are at.

✅ Improve your memory with quick retrieval methods for long-term retention.

✅ How to find your flow so you can enjoy playing more music

✅Live demonstrations using examples from your sheet music.

By the end of the three sessions, you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and strategies you need to take your musical journey to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and your passion for music. Enrol now and start making progress today!

Here’s what others have to say:

Very helpful even at my stage of life

“Thanks for the week, it was stimulating and informative. Very helpful even at my stage of life. I look forward to trying your ideas and planning etc, over my practices in the future.”

Melvyn is learning to play the saxophone now he’s retired.

These methods shorten the time it takes to learn!

“These methods shorten the time it takes to learn. Thank you for such an invaluable class.  I highly recommend this week for all who want to learn how to practice smarter and better.”

Sharon is a brass player and farmer in Ontario, Canada.

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3 Live training sessions

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3 Live training sessions

Recording to keep for life

Quick Win- Bonus video

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More from previous participants:

Enjoying music more than ever before!

“I am really benefiting from small practice sections and the metronome.  I am now using the methods with other pieces. I want to thank Fiona. I have gained both confidence and knowledge from this masterclass.”

Esther – a dairy and crop farmer in Ohio who fits in her piano practice around her many daily chores.

“I am so motivated to adhere to this guidance now. I learnt this piece in one week using the methods from this masterclass!”

Avril is learning to play the harp in Manchester and found the confidence to record and share herself playing her piece.

It’s a Wonderful Week!

“I took away many things from this masterclass. I never thought about ‘recognising’ patterns in the music. It’s way more interesting than just starting from the beginning. There are so many other tips. It’s a wonderful week!”

Elisa from Canada is learning to play the cello and violin in retirement.

If you’ve got questions, I’ve Got Answers 😀

Is this masterclass right for me?

This is a right fit for any adult who is learning to play a musical instrument… and wants to speed up their learning and play music with confidence. 

A beginner who has made a start and is 100% committed to learning practice methods that set them up for success.

Intermediate players who are no strangers to practising but want to see their progress and confidence skyrocket without extending the practice hours.

At a place where progress has plateaued, and you need a way forward that reignites your enthusiasm and passion for music and gets you to the next level

Do you offer refunds?

• I share an enormous amount in the masterclass for very little money. 
• It’s extremely low-risk, and the cost is considerably lower than private tuition.
• Months and months of work have gone into this offer (actually years!) 
• I want you to stand behind your own buying decision and really absorb everything that my effective practice techniques have to offer.

Are there transcripts, and/or do the videos have closed captions?

So happy you asked! My goal is to make this course as accessible and inclusive as possible, so I am providing transcripts for all videos, and the video player has a toggle to turn on closed captions

I still have a question- How can I get in touch?

No problem, please send an email to and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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