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There’s so much more to practice than endless repetition that reaps inconsistent results.

Fiona Berry BMus (Hons), L.R.S.M, L.T.C.L, L.L.C.M

In Play Music Better, music examiner, renowned teacher and sought after adjudicator, Fiona Berry shares practice tips for music with a holistic approach that combines the mind-body and heart for any adult learning to play an instrument.

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You will learn how to gain confidence with music without extended hours of practice, and proven practice methods that will get you better results!

By conquering your mindset, attaining rhythmic precision and vitality in your playing, and gaining the confidence to share music with others, your passion for music will flourish.

The book is complete with colour photographs, highlighted musical examples, and practical exercises. Play Music Better has everything you need to turn practising into an uplifting and rewarding experience.

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Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover inside your copy of this book: 

Reset your mindset and open up to possibility by abolishing those hidden adult fears that are preventing you from making progress.

Discover a quick and easy way to achieve more accuracy when you practice.

Make progress every session by planning a routine that fits around your busy schedule.

Play with more freedom and better coordination by understanding how your posture impacts your movement.

Get results every practice session from learning how the brain works.

Achieve rhythmic precision with my simple four-step process.

Learn how to structure your practice sessions by breaking the music down into manageable portions.

Speed up your learning by creating exercises from the piece you are practising.

Memorise music faster by understanding the four stages necessary for memory recall. #secret-Repetition alone is not enough.

Perform with confidence even if you are playing only for yourself.

“A fantastic book!!! It covers every aspect of learning and practising and ENJOYING music. Practising enjoyable?? Yes! You’re always on the moving upward and forward track.” Sharon Ball

“The layout has been done so well it’s not difficult to follow or find the information you need. The information has me in awe. Yes, it will be hard to break some habits but with determination and the help from Play Music Better I can see success. Douglas

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You also get Access to Training Videos, Resources, and the Audiobook for FREE!

You also get Access to Training Videos, Resources, and the Audiobook for FREE!

Look for this page inside your copy of Play Music Better and get these amazing bonus materials.

Free audiobook which is fully searchable

Listen to the book while on the move, so you can digest the content quicker. Plus the text is completely searchable- so if you want to revisit a particular tip or exercise, you can search for that word and it will take you straight to the relevant part of any chapter.

Watch the tutorials for a quick and easy way to achieve more accuracy when you practice.

Learn more about what to write on the music so that you can make quicker progress.

Learn faster by getting creative in your warm-up

Watch and learn exactly how to use scales and create fun exercises using material from the piece you are practising. Doing this not only makes learning pieces easier, it also helps you retain what you’ve learnt.

Sightread with better fluency and accuracy

Sight-reading is one of the most beneficial skills you can learn as it makes learning new music way easier and quicker. These aren’t like other boring sight-reading exercises, these videos are engaging and fun.

Play with more musicality

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to recognise musical phrases with plenty of musical examples for you to practise.

Plus you’ll get a practice diary template and resources to help you measure your progress.

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Praise for Play Music Better

Order your copy today and start playing music better

About the Author

Fiona is a music examiner for Trinity College London and an international adjudicator. She has a degree in musical performance from Huddersfield University and is a Licentiate member of the Royal Schools of Music, Trinity College London, and the London College of Music. 

Passionate about helping people fulfil their musical potential, Fiona teaches practice methods that are fun and rewarding through her company Learn Music Together, helping adults attain new heights in their music-making and play with confidence. 

Order your copy today and start playing music better

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