Play With Confidence as you Unlock a More Musical You Who Makes Better Progress!

What if I told you it’s not how much practice you do, but what you do in those practice sessions that makes a difference.

  • Do you want to play music better without extended hours of practice?
  • Are you frustrated by the errors in your playing?
  • Do you wish you could play in time and build momentum with every practice attempt?

Like the many Learn Music Together Members below

Helping adults grow and develop their musical skills so they can play with confidence 🙂

They just know how to practice in a way that gets results both physically and mentally.

All too often, it's the feelings trapped inside that prevent us from making progress. That inner voice of self-doubt tells us we are not musical. The frustrations of that metronome telling us our timing is all wrong. The lack of motivation to practice or the feeling that there's just not enough time to fulfil our musical dreams.

If these all sound familiar- Stop right there!

True mastery comes from focusing on the basics, not continually seeking out the next challenge. 

The deeper your learning goes, the more you’ll understand the subtle nuances that make a huge difference.

Throughout my entire years at music college, I lacked confidence and self-belief. I hated performing no matter how much praise I received. It didn’t matter how many accolades I achieved or how many hours of practice I put in. I still felt that everyone around me was way better than me.

Here’s the truth

80% of making progress on your musical instrument is changing your habits and beliefs.

I’ve gone through it all in my 25+ years of teaching, examining, adjudicating, and musical studies. I know what it’s like to navigate the undulating waves of emotions that prevent us from moving forward.

It’s not easy. You see, every belief turns into a feeling. We take action based on those feelings, and those actions drive the results

If we want to change the outcome,

we have to start with our thoughts.

“We had our first performance last night. I will pat myself on the back! I nailed the runs, short notes … resolutions … dynamics. All because the practice methods are bearing fruit.” Sharon

“I enjoy LMT. There is a holistic approach here that not only adds another dimension in enhancing one’s musical journey, but the skills are transferable to other areas in life.” Dolores

“I’ve been trying to get rid of a buzz when I play, and I discovered that if I release the tension, the buzz disappears. I’ve been trying for ages to get rid of it, and this exercise solved the problem. Thank you so much”- Douglas

Meet Fiona the musician behind Learn Music Together

I’m Fiona, a music examiner for Trinity College London and an international adjudicator. I have a degree in musical performance from Huddersfield University and I’m a Licentiate member of the Royal Schools of Music, Trinity College London, and the London College of Music. I’m also the author of Play Music Better.

I’m passionate about helping people fulfil their musical potential. I teach proven practice methods that work and are both fun and rewarding. Through my online membership Learn Music Together, I help adults attain new heights in their music-making and play with confidence.

I’ve met with so many music teachers, academy leaders, conservatoire lecturers and professional musicians and gained a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of what works in music lessons and practice. 

I’m talking about everything from Bach, Chopin, and Debussy to Rock & Pop, Jazz, and Contemporary music on piano, woodwind, brass, strings, guitar, bands, and ensembles.

If you want to play with ease, fluency, precision and confidence, you need to know:

Most learners confuse practice with playing. There seems to be a general consensus that things improve if you repeat something enough times. Sure, repetition is a part of the process, but you have to do it in the right way. The reality for many is that music practice can be frustrating, challenging and at times boring. So often, you make progress one day and feel like you take two steps backwards the next. 

When practice becomes fun and rewarding, you are free to explore your creativity and communicate your emotions through every note you play.

Ann image of Learn Music Together's roadmap

As a member of LMT, you’ll learn the 5 steps to take to accomplish any new piece.

Practice Anywhere, Anytime when you learn how.

Forget about not having enough hours in the day; you can make progress even if you only have a few minutes to practice each day. Practice doesn’t always involve your instrument. Less playing and more thinking will get you further.

What to write on your music so that you can learn faster.

Physical practice is only half the story; you need to engage the cognitive side of the brain. Writing things on your music helps your brain and memory digest the information, making it easier to achieve more accuracy when you practice.

“How to analyse a piece of music before actually learning – it is so helpful. I know all about scales etc. But I never thought about ‘recognising’ patterns in the music.” Elisa

Which practice path would you like to follow?

Practice Methods that work so you get better every session.

Learners often try to accomplish everything at once. When you know the right techniques, you’ll avoid making those frustrating errors in the first place.

“Fiona and Jonathan, I love the depth of discussion in this video, particularly about how the brain works to learn and remember and the clarification about learning methods versus “talent” and new research.” Sandy

Sound better & play faster by focusing on awareness.

Doing more practice is usually not the answer, your sound production, speed, and agility unleash themselves when you learn to focus on awareness. A more confident musical you will emerge as a result.

“My teacher has noted definite improvement since our practice session Fiona and I have properly grasped what skeleton playing means for the harp…I am going to play the piece I shared with you all at our book group tomorrow evening so thanks for helping me get the confidence to go there. My practice has become more focused now.” Avril

Play with Confidence rather than fear.

While you dream of playing for your friends and family, the reality is you don’t think you are good enough. In my experience, lack of confidence and self-belief, rather than lack of desire, often leads you to feel this way. Like many things, the fear of failure convinces the mind that performance is beyond our capabilities.

Music is a gift and one which is meant to be shared. Like all gifts, there is more pleasure in the giving than there is in the receiving. Performing allows you to bring joy to others, enhance your musical journey, and inspire those who listen.

I know you’ve probably taken courses, and maybe you have an excellent music teacher, but the Learn Music Together Academy is different.

It’s much more than a set of online courses to help you with your music learning.

It’s a community that will support you, IT’S A PLACE DESIGNED TO HELP YOU SUCCEED!

Press play below to see what our members have to say 🙂

As a Learn Music Together member you will learn how to tie all the musical elements together, in a cohesive way that fully aligns with the music you want to play.

No matter what instrument or type of music you play.

Here’s a look at what you’ll get access to each month inside of the

Learn Music Together Academy.

Have fun and gain confidence with the LMT Ensemble

Every month, I write an arrangement for my members, and they record their parts. My partner and I then compile a professional video for you to share with others. Not only do members find that their rhythmic skills and confidence improve, they see how much joy the music brings to those they share it with. 

“I would have missed a lot if I hadn’t taken part in the ensembles. The product at the end is so much bigger than our individual parts. There’s so much feedback that you get just from listening to your recordings, you hear so much more, and you can see your progress through the experience.” Sandy

Take a listen to what LMT members have to say below. You could be playing along with us in the next one.

Parts are written for any instrument or level. Plus you can practice with an accompaniment.

Every month members can participate in the LMT ensemble. I arrange the piece with parts specifically suited to our member’s needs. So whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you’ll be able to play along.

Monthly Q&A Sessions, Group Chats and Live Lessons

Finding your community is all part of finding your musical flow.  We always learn better together and the group discussions will enhance your learning experience.

I want you to know that I am here for you every week in our community. Learn Music Together is not a membership site in which you pay your money, and you go it alone.

I’m here to help you make progress and fulfil your musical potential.

There’s a live session every other week on Zoom for you to participate in.  The time of these sessions varies to give everyone the opportunity to attend live.  You can chat with other members and share your practice high’ and lows. 

You can also ask Fiona any questions and get the help you need.  Plus there’s an online concert bimonthly for you to work on those performance anxieties.

Enjoy the Library of Practice Sessions

Each month there’s a new practice session with an LMT member. Members can apply for a practice session at any time. So often the problem is not what you think it is. Changing the way you practice a rhythm, tweaking a hand position, or reframing your mindset can instantly change the musical outcome. These videos will open your mind to possibility, offer inspiration, and give you a wealth of creative ideas to help you play music better.

With Fiona’s expert knowledge and teaching skills, she’ll help you get to the root of the problem. These sessions are like gold and our LMT members love them.

LMT Hub- Watch the replays and video tutorials.

So many teachers teach how to play pieces, but they don’t always teach you how to practice and develop skills such as your inner ear. Many people learning an instrument struggle because they’ve learnt through repetition and not through a true understanding.

Inside the membership, you get access to lessons, videos, worksheets and downloads to help you build solid musical foundations. There’s a roadmap to follow and milestones to achieve to help you make progress.

You can access the modules at any time and go at your own pace. You can resume from where you left off and each bit of content is ticked off once completed.

Press play and take a quick tour around.

All the content inside the hub is searchable, so you can quickly find the content you need.

No more waiting around for the next lesson or someone to reply. Want to know about cadences or scales practice? A quick search will take you a video with the answer.

With answers to hundreds of questions this tool alone will help you make progress.

Musical Chat

The private community forum is your place to 

  • Share tips and musical news,
  • Keep in touch with what’s going on in the membership
  • Read interesting articles
  • Give and receive support 
  • Meet other like minded people
  • Post questions and have insightful discussions to keep you motivated and moving forward. 

Unlike social media platforms, there are no distractions. You get to see everything. It’s a fantastic way to keep up to date with what’s going on inside the membership and make new friends.

Press play and take a look around

Right now there is a waitlist to join the membership, but you can be the first to receive an invitation when the doors open again by completing the form below.

Here’s a recap of everything that’s waiting for you inside

The Learn Music Together Academy.

Discover what others have to say

I have loved every single day. There’s great tips and advice.”

I can already tell a difference with him one day a practice.

It’s definitely made me practice in a more structured and I’ve made a lot of progress in the last 12 months.

We are a group from all around the world, sharing our musical journey together. I highly recommend the Academy.”

The whole thing very, very motivating and very possible.”

 “LMT is the friendliest group of people, who have a real passion for music. We support and encourage each other.

Dennis – Canada

I’ll see you on the inside

“Hey, fellow learners.  I’m half way through my 14 Day Practice Challenge.  I’ve been recording my progress in a blog.  Fiona has the right approach to practice.  I’m actually looking forward to my practice time each day.  Thank you, Fiona.

Doug – Illinois

“Since joining the membership, I do feel more confident, especially when starting a new piece. It’s fun to play together and work at getting better.”

“LMT complements my regular lessons by outlining specific methodologies .eg effective, reflective, ‘timed’ practises tailored to the older person, with other time-consuming responsibilities”

Dolores – UK

“Fiona’s has motivated me to keep using my brain in retirement.  After being with this program for almost a year I have benefitted from the regular encouragement. I now enjoy practising as I can see progress. Thank you fiona!

Esther – Canada

Wait I’ve Got Questions

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