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Learn Music Together is for any adult learning to play an instrument. Whatever standard you are, Learn Music Together will help you take your music to another level entirely.

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Meet Fiona, the musician behind Learn Music Together

I’m Fiona, a music examiner for Trinity College London and an international adjudicator. I have a

  • A degree in musical performance from Huddersfield University.
  • I’m a Licentiate member of the Royal Schools of Music 
  • A Licentiate Member of Trinity College London, and
  • A Licentiate Member of London College of Music. 
  • I’m also the author of Play Music Better.

I’m passionate about helping people fulfil their musical potential. Through my online membership Learn Music Together, I helped thousands of adults achieve new heights in their music-making and play with confidence. I teach proven practice methods that work and are both fun and rewarding