LMT One on One

Would you love to take private tuition from Fiona and receive a tailored approach to follow so that you can accelerate your progress?

Do you want to have clear guidance on how to improve your technique, what to do each week, and exactly what to practice?

If yes, then LMT one on one is for you!

With individual instrumental lessons from Fiona, you’ll take your playing to new heights, and you’ll be able to learn in the comfort of your home.

Fiona is an experienced teacher who has:

Over 25 years of teaching experience

An experienced music examiner for Trinity College London

An adjudicator for the International Federation of Music Festivals

She is in high demand as an instrumental teacher, so places are limited.

” I have learnt such a lot from you, probably more in the time I have been with you than in my previous 50 years of piano playing. “

So what’s included, and how does it work?

An individual 45-minute online lesson with Fiona twice a month.

The lessons will include in-depth guidance on how to improve your technique, what to practice each week and expert tuition. Together we will choose the right pieces to learn and plan clear practice goals.

With decades of training, examining and adjudicating experience, you can rest assured that you will be taught by someone who is qualified to the highest level.

“It was the best 👌 decision I made, and I’ve not looked back! 😇… except for the money 💰 I had wasted on all the previous teachers…. so annoyed 😒 I wish I had found Fiona years ago. I have learnt more than ever before and look forwards to the lessons to learn more.” Roxanna

Flexible lesson times

Your lesson times will be arranged at a time that is convenient to both you and Fiona. For Esther living in Ohio, the flexibility has enabled her to have lessons before life begins at the crack of dawn on her dairy farm. That’s the plus side of learning from a teacher whose in a different time zone.

Recordings of all your lessons

★ Please note that the recordings will only be available while you are a paid member of this tier.

Unlike other music lessons, your sessions with Fiona will be recorded each week and added to your personal LMT hub. The recordings will be fully searchable, so you’ll be able to quickly find any previous tips, guidance or technique that you have studied.

These recordings offer incredible value. You can analyse your playing, which helps you understand at a much deeper level the areas that you need to work on. You can revisit the advice shared by myself because our memories don’t always recall what actually happened; they recall what you think happened.

“The videos that you provide after our lessons are fabulous. I can easily find something that I want to review and go over it and over it.

There are things that I have with the video that I didn’t have with in person lessons. I was relying on my memory and notes back then. Now when I play the video and I can see that it’s a little bit different than what’s in my memory. And the more days that go by, the more different it is!”

A free tech check when you sign up for LMT One on One.

So we make the most of your individual lesson time, and you don’t have to worry about the tech side of things. We’ll spend a free session making sure you know where to put your device, the correct settings to use and how to get the best sound quality online.

Mental guidance as well as musical guidance

80% of learning any new skill is about changing the mindset. Sure the musical aspects are essential to help you make progress, but the way you focus, think and raise your awareness plays a key role.

So often, adults have expectations that are unrealistic, they judge and criticise themselves with little grace, and their self-doubt gets in the way of progress. Together with Fiona, you’ll form positive mental habits that set you up for success and bring a greater sense of enjoyment to your playing.

Important- My time and yours are of value.

Please note that lessons will not be refundable, but if you are going on holiday or have a valid reason to cancel, you will be able to reschedule a lesson so long as 7 days’ notice is given in writing. Should I need to cancel a lesson, you will, of course, have the opportunity for the lesson to be rearranged.

All lessons are to be taken on the same instrument. Either piano, clarinet, flute, or saxophone.

The One on One membership tier is only available as a quarterly or annual option. Quality teaching requires planning and investment from both the student and teacher, and as such, the occasional lesson is not an option at this time.

Unlike many local music teachers, I am trained to the highest level.  I am employed by one of the elite music colleges in the UK -Trinity College London, and I adjudicate for the International Federation of Music Festivals. 

Lessons for teachers of such establishments are usually priced in the region of £80 per hour, so the LMT one-on-one package offers incredible value. 

There is just two place savailable.

Previously, those places have gone within the first 48 hours, so if you are interested, don’t wait around.

⭐️ Closing date for enrolment is 24th September 2023⭐️

I’m ready to Join now- please take to enrolment

I’m Fiona, a music examiner for Trinity College London and an international adjudicator. I have a degree in musical performance from Huddersfield University and I’m a Licentiate member of the Royal Schools of Music, Trinity College London, and the London College of Music. I’m also the author of Play Music Better.

As an experienced teacher of adults, you will receive expert tuition on your instrument that is supportive, friendly, engaging and motivating.

Together we will choose music that is of a suitable level, includes a range of styles, and enables you to make consistent progress. We’ll also refine your technique and develop your level of confidence.

How much does Learn Music One on One cost?

Quarterly Plan

$347 US/ £299.00

  • Free tech set up session
  • 6 private lessons- 2 per month
  • Recordings of all your lessons

Yearly Plan- 2 mths FREE

$1197 US / £999.00

  • Free tech set up session
  • 24 private lessons- 2 per month
  • Recordings of all your lessons
  • Free annual review of your progress

Enrolment closes on the 24th of September, 2023. Places are limited, so book your spot now below.

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But don’t take my word for it. Hear from LMT One-on-One members what it’s like to take lessons from Fiona.

Having read the book, which I loved and it made sense, It felt right to go ahead and take lessons with Fiona… My old teacher wasn’t giving me any feedback 😕 or strategies to learn. I really was on my own, so I had nothing to lose if I let him go. 

I have had many teachers who offered me nothing, and I hadn’t got very far in my learning to play the piano 🎹 going pillar to post.  I thought I would begin again with Fiona because I REALLY wanted to play the piano 🎹, and I was NOT going to give up. It was the best 👌 decision I made, and I have not looked back!

What I like about Fiona:

  • She gives mental coaching if I struggle or have a block.
  • Teaches organisational skills.
  • Setting and meeting goals.
  • Progressive methodical learning on the piece you are playing. Improving and moving forwards. Building on skills.
  • Meticulous exercises, precision work out on difficult sections.
  • She never gives up on you and always has a creative solution to your struggles.
  • Thinks conscientiously 🤔 how am I transferring information and wiring it in my brain? Highlights pitfalls in any method I use and practice. 
  • Celebrates and encourages me.
  • Has empathy and patience, guiding you with compassion. 
  • Fiona is patient as she knows old habits take time to fall apart.

I have learnt more than ever before and look forwards to the lessons to learn more. I’m so grateful 🙏 for the exchange… I would never have managed on my own or with my old teacher’s ways.

I look forwards to the lessons and enjoy the learning along the way. I have moved on so much.


I had been trying to ‘learn’ the piano for about 5 years prior to my lessons with Fiona but mostly felt a sense of failure, with no enjoyment. Though I desperately wanted to learn, there were no techniques relevant to the adult learner in place, and my practice (which tho inconsistent), could be up to an hour at a time but would leave me frustrated the next day with limited recall of what I thought I had got under my belt. I persevered, thinking that if I stuck to it long enough, I’d make some headway. But it was not till I started with Fiona that I began to do so, and I’m definitely enjoying the whole learning and playing process. 

I can now:

  •  Work with a metronome, and my rhythm has really improved.
  • I can sight read more easily, 
  • and my playing is much more musical 
  • I’m finally getting the satisfaction and pleasure I had anticipated when I started 6years ago.

I’m convinced that my progress is down to Fiona’s unique and holistic teaching methods for adult learners.

The timed, short but focused, bite-sized practice sessions helped me hugely.   Her teaching methods drill down on the basics, which initially meant pulling back my expectations considerably. However, over the last 8 months (despite gaps due to personal circumstances), I am reaping the benefits of it as each new technique builds on the others learnt, and the progress is definitely gathering pace. 

I have no hesitation in encouraging any adult wishing to learn one of the instruments Fiona teaches to take this rare opportunity to do so. You will not be disappointed! 


Enrolment closes on the 24th of September, 2023. Places are limited, so book your spot now below.

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I have had 8 one on one lessons with Fiona, and the first two were disastrous (I thought) because I realised I had been flaying around for years attempting to play random tunes not well at all.  

Fiona has taught me how to approach a piece of music and how to learn the piece and divide it up.  I love to use the metronome, which keeps me in rhythm and up to speed.   I have learnt to recognise the incidentals and am now able to give depth to a piece of music.  

Fiona has taught me so much in such a little time, and I am excited to think about what I will manage to play in the coming weeks.  I love my lessons. At the end of the lesson, Fiona plays my next piece to learn, and I am delighted when I can get up to speed.  

A big decision to make having one on one lessons, but am I happy I did, VERY happy.  I have lots to learn, and I am in my 70s (lol, early 70s), but my lifelong desire to be able to produce a lovely sound is perhaps at last possible.  

Fiona is supportive, has enormous patience, and supplies us with so much info and help. I am just so glad I  found her.  Thank you, Fiona, for all your help and especially your patience.


Cancellation policy

Should you wish to cancel your one-on-one membership tier, you can do so by contacting Fiona 7 days in advance of your renewal date. Your Learn Music Together membership will not be affected as this fee is paid separately.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact by emailing fiona@learnmusictogether.com