Do you wish you could sight-read with confidence?

When you can it makes learning new music so much quicker and easier.

The problem with most sight reading exercises is that they are boring.

That’s why I’ve put together this free guide

It’s full of creative methods that will inspire and motivate you.

You’ll learn how to

🎶 Count rhythms so that you play with fluency and ease.

🎵 Read notes like they are words flowing on a page.

😀Fun ways to internalise the beat

🎼 Methods to help you read ahead

Plus there are lots of ideas you can do without your instrument. So you’ll have no excuse not to practice sight reading even if you are short of time.

Here’s what others have to say

“As I started implementing the tips, I began to enjoy playing more and more.” Kathy

“I am noticing an improvement in my rhythm and sight reading. I am ‘learning to love’ my metronome!” Dale

Tony – UK

“This is so much better than just practice scales. I really like the concept of choosing a technique, or idea that can be practised and measured.”

Elisa – Canada

I know all about scales, arpeggio…etc. But, I actually have never thought about “recognizing“ these patterns in the music. Wonderful tips!

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