The Effective Practice Masterclass

Learn how to achieve more during your practice sessions

If you’re an adult learning to play a musical instrument who struggles to make consistent progress every time you practice and finds it frustrating when you can play something one day but not the next, then you’re in the right place.

Register now to get 2 + hours of free training on how to plan a practice routine that works, learn methods to ensure that you make progress every time you practice and ways to solve problems productively so you can achieve more and fulfil your musical goals.

My practice methods are the reason so many of my students achieve such high standards of musical performance and why I’m highly sort after as an international adjudicator and examiner. They also work for any instrument and almost any style of music.

“I certainly enjoyed the process and felt a fresh wave of motivation come over me”

Dolores Umapathy

Effective Practice Masterclass Schedule

NOTE: The lessons listed above are just the start- I’ll have action guide downloads, Q&A sessions, a private FB group for you and more. BUT all this is only available for a short time (registration closes Mon 5th Oct and the content will close down on Mon 12th October). So be sure to check it out now!

5 Reasons to Join my Effective Practice Masterclass

✅ I’m giving away more than two hours of FREE in depth training on how to achieve more from your practice (some people have even accomplished a piece during the length of this training.

✅ I’ll be teaching you the methods responsible for over 95% of my students achieving an advanced level of performance ability.

✅ You’ll get FREE Pdf downloads and resources to help you make progress.

✅ You’ll have access to a FREE private Facebook Group where you can connect with the community and get your questions answered by me.

✅ The training is only available for a short time and this masterclass will not be available again until next year.