Book Launch Team- please can you help

Hello there,

Once again thank you for being on the book launch team. I thought it would be easier to create a page with all the resources that you can use to spread the word about my Play Music Better book.

Purchase a copy

If you’ve yet to purchase a copy please head over to Amazon. I’ve put the links below to the USA, UK, and Canada.

Add a helpful review

Please would you write a helpful review today and give the book five stars (pretty please)? If you could write a handful of sentences, that would be much appreciated. The algorithm values longer reviews from those who have purchased. The links below will take you straight to the review page. 

Please click on the link for your country. (Don’t forget to purchase first 😀). If you are in Europe or elsewhere in the world, you can scroll down the page where you purchase the book, and you’ll find ‘write a book review’ there.

Please note that in some countries, you have to have spent a certain amount on Amazon in the last 12 months to write a review.

USA – Click here to add a review

Canada – Click here to add a review

United Kingdom – Click here to add a review

To gain traction, I need to make as many sales as I can in a short window, and for that, I would love your help.

Spreading the word

Please can you share the url below with anyone and everyone. It’s a page on my website where people can buy the book and get access to the extra resources.

Play Music Better

  1. Please send an email (you can use this template if you wish) to all your friends, family and any organisations that you belong to.
  2. I’d be grateful if you could print off this poster (click here to download) and distribute in your local area.
  3. Share one of these pictures on your social media and in Facebook groups that allow.

Please could you help me out on Facebook

By liking, sharing and commenting on posts, you will help my Facebook posts reach more people. I will put the direct links below to posts and would be grateful if you could check back here for new ones over the weekend.


Further ideas from Sandy

Additional Book Launch Promotion and Network Ideas
Send early Christmas letters and mention book including links to Amazon, Musician in the Making and Music Lessons and Practice
Give as gifts. Call attention to QR Code opportunities and LMT!
Distribute posters (Fiona will provide) for store windows, e.g., music and art stores, craft fairs
Place lobby copies in any place with a waiting room:  medical offices, car repair shops, barber shop
Tap into other friends or colleagues’ networks. 
Place a new book announcement in local, or college or employer Community Pages, Book Clubs, Instrument Chat or Bulletin Boards.  
Check Second Hand Book Stores to see if they will retain this as a display copy.
Ask my hairdresser, golf coach, doctors, dentists, and teacher friends if they have clients who play (or want to play) an instrument.
Check with Museum Gift Shops
Share or directly promote at a Toastmasters Meeting
Bring a book copy to a concert to show to other attendees.
Yard Sales, Holiday Craft Markets, etc., church bazaars, street fairs
New Horizon or other virtual music groups
Ukulele and other in person music groups
Medicare Brokers Office
AARP and other Senior Newsletters
Music repair people
Music Healing organizations -VETS, Military, music, and brain research networks
Dance Class (former and current) buddies