Best Gifts for Musicians

Buying presents whether, for birthdays of musicians, Christmas, or Thanksgiving can be difficult. If like me you want your offering to be thoughtful, of value and most of all be useful, it can be a challenge when shopping. Worry not I have of the best gifts for musicians in this post.

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To help you purchase the best musician gifts, I’ve divided this post into categories and given you some useful tips on how to choose presents for musicians.

Why should you trust me?

I have been a music teacher for over 20 years, and as such, I have received a huge array of music gifts.

Some have been ornamental, others have been practical and don’t I mean to sound ungrateful when I say this, but some have been hideous. Hence I’m well equipped to tell you which gifts for musicians are worth their money and which music gift ideas you should abandon.

In this post, you’ll find good gifts for musicians that will enhance their experience of music and tick the boxes of thoughtfulness, provide value and be of use.

Music Gifts for Men

Musical ties always make popular presents as they provide a good bit of banter at any event. People love to show off their unique collection, so look for the more quirky designs.

Tie Pin

If a musical themed tie is a little too much, why not opt for a tie pin instead. For musicians tie pins are popular as no-one wants their tie getting in the way of their playing.

You could opt for a general music theme pin or one with an instrument.

Musical Cufflinks

For anyone who wears a dress shirt (aka musicians who play in an orchestra), cufflinks are a necessity. We had to search the house high and low for cufflinks when my husband recently played with the BBC as he only owns one pair.

As a drummer, he normally wears a t-shirt for gigs, but on this occasion, black tie was the dress code.

Father’s Day Gifts for Musicians

K Bells Musical Socks

Everyone knows that the washing machine eats socks, right?  Or is it that when they are all the same colour, they become almost impossible to pair?  Well not with these splendid socks by K Bells. 

Made from a blend of cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex, they fit men’s shoe sizes 6 and 12.5. 

They are machine washable, and you can tumble dry them on low heat.  They’re fun and yes a novelty item, but socks are incredibly practical too.

Best Gifts for Drummers

Vic Firth Stick Caddy

Most drummers have more than one pair of sticks, not to mention brushes and cymbal sticks.  Often they keep them on the floor by their side and when they are not playing you can find them balanced precariously on the snare. 

How do I know this?  I live with a professional drummer. 

The Vic Firth stick caddy solves the problem.  You can secure it to a cymbal stand quickly with the jaw clamp, and it tilts at an angle making it easy to use. 

It makes changing sticks midway through a piece easy and prevents them from rolling around the floor. 

The alternative is a stick bag which is great for storage but not that practical to use when playing.

Meinl Percussion/ Drum Stick Bag

Stick bags are a great way of keeping drum sticks organised and protected.  While the Meinl bag is slightly more expensive than others, it’s heavy-duty nylon and reinforced stitching is meant for endurance, so it’s worth the extra.

The bag has five pockets on the inside and can hold several pairs of sticks, mallets and brushes. 

There’s also a large accessory pocket and a small velcro pocket which is perfect for a drum key. 

The hooks fit onto the floor toms for ease of reach while playing and there’s an adjustable strap making so you can carry it over the shoulder.

Drumstick Pen or Pencil

Every musician should carry a pencil, so they’ll always come in handy. These drumstick pencils are a great gift for a drummer that has everything.

If you know anyone who plats the drums you’ll know that they are always tapping out rhythms no matter where they are.

Hence these pencils have a dual purpose. They can be used as an office instrument at the desk, music stand or virtually anywhere.

The Pearl TechTool

The pearl TechTool is useful for a wide range of drums not just those made by Pearl.  In fact the Hex Keys and screwdrivers are handy for many things so it makes an excellent pocket tool. 

It also has one other important addition and that’s a bottle opener- I’m saying nothing about musicians and gigs, but I’m sure it’ll come in useful.  

It’s compact size makes it easy to fit in any drum case and with 13 tools, including  a drum key, various screwdrivers and hex keys it’s fantastic.

Gadgets for Musicians

If you are looking for a present for a musician, you won’t go wrong with these useful gadgets. Even if they have a metronome or a tuner, a second one is always handy.

Korg KDM3BK Digital Metronome

Every musician should own at least one metronome. Korg are renowned for their digital metronomes and this latest one is certainly stylish.

It uses 4 AA batteries and has eight sounds with 19 beat patterns.  The tempo ranges from 30 to 252 beats per minute and there’s an led red light that indicates beat 1.

The buttons and dials are easy to operate and there’s a headphone socket if you prefer. The metronome is also available in white.

Electronic Tuner

Don’t be put off by the words guitar tuner if you play another instrument.  The Snark tuner works well for strings, woodwinds and guitars. 

It has a 360- degree rotating screen for easy viewing and the display lights up green when your notes are in tune. 

It’s easy to clip onto a music stand or your instrument and small enough to fit in your case.

Best Gifts for Musicians who Love to Cook

If you are buying a gift for a musician who enjoys cooking here are a few suggestions which I think they’ll enjoy.

Set of 13 music moulds

With this set of musical instrument moulds, you’ll never be short of birthday cake ideas for musicians.

They are perfect to use on fondant, chocolate, jelly, fudge butter, and marzipan to name but a few ingredients.  The moulds are made from food-safe silicone and are safe to use in ovens, microwaves, fridges and freezers.

Cookie Cutters

If baking cookies is something you enjoy these high-quality steel music cutters are fantastic. 

Let your imagination run wild with the icing gun or present unique shaped sandwiches.  The set includes a piano, a treble clef, guitar, violin and a couple of music notes.

Drumstick Spoons

How can any music lover resist these wooden spoons? 

They are made from solid beechwood and have drumstick handles.  So when you are not stirring you can be tapping out those rhythms!  They get fantastic reviews if you don’t believe me check them out here.

Embossing Rolling Pin

If cookie cutters in the shape of musical instruments aren’t enough why not go all the way with an embossing rolling pin. 

They make super birthday gifts for musicians who love to share their passion for music.  The rolling pin measures 15.8” (40cm) and comes with 3 cookie recipes to try.

Kikkerland Bamboo Guitar Cutting Board

Whether you use this cutting board for preparing vegetables or presenting a tasty selection of cheese, it will look fantastic in any kitchen. 

On a dinner table, it could easily take centre stage as a serving platter and be the envy of your guests.  It’s made from high-quality wood and the handle makes it convenient to carry.

Music Apron

A good apron made from high quality fabric that is machine washable is the best gift for musicians who love to cook. There’s a huge a variety to choose, although features such as adjustable neck straps, waterproofing and a good length are worth noting.

Gifts for Singers

Concert Choral Holder

Singers will love this high-quality polyurethane leather choral folder. 

It’s sturdy and durable and the perfect size to hold their sheet music.  It’s also waterproof, which is a bonus if they are off carol singing or performing outdoors. 

It contains 200 loses leaf sheets that keep the music pristine and has two expandable pockets inside. 

There are also flexible pencil holders, which, if you are a musician yourself, you’ll know that they are an invaluable addition.  They are suitable to be hand held with a fixing band on the inside to prevent any pages going adrift. 

They also open fully flat, which is a bonus if you want to place them on a piano or music stand. 

To be honest these folders are fantastic for any instrumentalist who needs help organizing their loose sheets of music.

Chairs for musicians

You probably wouldn’t think of buying a chair as a present, but as musician gifts go, trust me this is one they’ll appreciate. Most chairs have arms that make them difficult to sit in while practising so a music chair is something your friend will love.

There are a variety of chairs and the best one will depend upon what instrument they play, and how much you want to spend.

[easyazon_image align=”centre” cart=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B0016OIIX0″ locale=”US” localize=”y” src=”” tag=”learnmusic07-20″ width=”500″]

Adjustrite Musician’s Chair – suitable for most instruments

As the name suggests the Adjustrite musician’s chair is fantastic in that you can adjust the height.  Hence it’s suitable for many instruments whether the player is an adult or a child. 

✅-You can customise the height each leg easily with the button and hole mechanism.  If you prefer the seat to be slight backwards, this is also possible. 

✅-The chair has a padded backrest which provides support and makes it super comfortable for those long gigs and practice sessions. 

✅ -The chair folds up, making it simple to store and transport. 

❌- It’s a little on the heavy side if you want to carry it along with your instrument.

If you want to know what others think check out the reviews on Amazon, you won’t be disappointed.

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Odyssey Adjustable Dj Chair

The odysessy chair seat is both comfortable and compact. 

✅ The chair itself can support up to 300 lbs in weight, so it’s sturdy and with five adjustable heights between 21″ To 30,” it’s flexible. 

✅ The backrest is adjustable, and the padded seat is removable. 

✅ The chair offers fantastic support for the back and legs, making it superb for longer playing sessions. 

❌ There is no carrying case with the chair, but the legs do fold down

Portable Folding Stool

This fold-down stool may look flimsy but trust me it’s not, my husband has one for outside gigs.  It always attracts interest from other musicians when he gets it out so I know it one of the best music-related gifts. 

✅ The stool has a unique locking system that allows you to adjust the height making it suitable for most instruments and players.

✅ The seat is non slip and is far more comfortable than it looks.

✅ Its made from environmentally friendly plastic and can take a load up to 390 lbs.

✅ It’s useful to take with you to other outside events such as BBQ’s.

✅ The sling makes it easy to carry and as an added bonus it comes with a cool down towel.

Personalized Gifts for Musicians

Song Lyrics Print – Personalized Vinyl Record Design

If you are after unique gifts for musicians this personalised print of song lyrics on a vinyl record is hard to beat. 

It would make a fantastic wedding gift for music lovers or a graduation present.  You can choose any song lyrics and customise your item to create an original design. 

You can choose either a freestanding or wall hanging frame.  Both of which come with perspex for safety.  You can also add your own message to the top or bottom of your design.

Personalized Coffee Mug

I received several personalised mugs when I was working in a school. They always made popular presents after a music tour.

The picture was a great memory of the event, and it made my mug easy to recognise in the staff room. If you’ve got a photograph, these mugs are a fantastic gift for musician friends.

Gifts for music producers

If you want to try your hand at mixing music this game is fantastic.  It will also go down well at any part that you host. 

The set includes 60 cards featuring top music artists, and there are choices to suit a wide variety of tastes. You do need to download the mix app to play, and it’s not available everywhere, so do check before you buy. 

You can play with up to four people.  Every card picked has a track, which blends amazingly with the others to create incredible sound mixes.  It’s both musically and technically impressive. 

The game lets you compete against friends or team up against the app.  The app can record any of your mixes so if you find a real winner you can hear it again.

You can also leave the game in freestyle mode at a party so that folks can lay down cards and continually make new songs.  The tone and beats per minute can be changed there’s lots of fun to be had!

Best Gifts for Guitar Players

Have you ever put your keys somewhere only to find they aren’t where you thought you left them?  In the right setting this is one of the best unique gifts for guitar players that you’ll find. 

I have one word of caution though, there are a few cheap replica’s of this product around so make sure you purchase the real deal. 

The Marshall Amplification look-alike keyholder is officially licensed by the company themselves and the parts are real. 

The box is made from acoustic amp fabric with a built-in amp handle and real amplifier inputs.  The jacks which are authentic serve as the key holders so you’ll never misplace those keys again. 

It’s easy to install with a hidden wall mounting bracket to give a sleek finish.  It’s a real statement piece and one of those cool presents for musicians that is useful.

Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks

Ask any guitarist, and they’ll tell you that a guitarist can’t have enough picks.  They are for ever losing them or leaving them in their pockets for the washing machine to destroy.

These guitar picks are not only high quality; they are unique. 

The picks are delightfully decorated with artworks by Vincent Van Gogh and come in a handy box. 

There’s also a key chain which can hold the picks too. Be inspired by the impressionist pictures as you practice and get passionate about your music. 

If you are looking for the best gifts for guitarists, then you just found them.

Christmas gifts for musicians

Personalised Christmas Tree ornaments

Everyone loves to hang beautiful ornaments on their Christmas tree and having them personalised with the name of the musician or band makes them unique. 

These decorations are hand-painted and come with a loop made from ribbon.  The instruments are replicated in great detail making them perfect Christmas presents for musicians.

Cool Music Gifts

A super book for those who love to entertain. 

It’s also great for anyone looking to ramp up their knowledge of albums and revisit some of the music worlds greatest classics.  Each record has a cocktail to pair with the A side and B side of the vinyl that will complement the mood. 

From chill-out vibes to classic hits there’s interesting notes and stunning pictures to enjoy.

Musical Cat Doormat

Gifts for people who love music don’t come much more practical than this beautiful doormat. It may not be a conventional present, however, I was thrilled when a friend of mine bought me one of these.

The mat is beautifully stencilled using fade-resistant dyes. The mat has excellent scrubbing power and the vinyl backing helps prevent it moving around.

Musical Bookends

Books are also a challenge to keep pristine and upright. Bookends not only look fantastic they help solve the problem.

These musical ones are made of solid steel and are heavy enough to hold up your book collection. They look great in any room or even on top of a piano.

Musical Placemats

Placemats are cool gifts for music lovers, they have a purpose and add style to the dining table. Here are a few of my favourites which are all high quality.

Best Books for Musicians

The Art of Practicing by Madeline Bruser

Practising is something that every musician knows is essential in order to make progress, however, it’s a skill that has to be learned in itself. 

You can learn more about effective music practice in this here.

Practice can be frustrating, repetitive, handwork; however, done correctly, it can also be exhilarating fun and rewarding.

Madeline Bruser has put together this inspirational book which anyone learning an instrument will adore.

There are no complex theories, just practical techniques that offer clear guidance on how to achieve the best from your practice sessions.

The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten

The music lesson tells the story of Victor Wooten’s transition from a music enthusiast to professional musician.  Guided by a spiritual music teacher who shows him how music relates to everything in life.  Each chapter has a new concept which is discussed in a familiar tone.  The book is an easy read and there are some great takeaways whatever level you are at musically.

The Greatest Music Stories never told

The stories in this fun book by Rick Beyer are both entertaining and educational. 

With content such as “The man killed by his own conducting” there’s lots of bemusement to enjoy. They make for great conversation and as musical gifts go it’s a perfect little gem.  The book is fantastic for anyone who loves trivia and it’s an easy read.

The Lives of the Great Composers

A brilliant book which gives an overview of music through the timeline of composers.

It’s by no means comprehensive, but the biographical chapters are insightful and easy to read

—all the significant geniuses (Bach, Mozart, Stravinsky and many more are included.  Schonberg discusses the lives and works with an engaging writing style.

It’s an excellent book for anyone new to classical music and a great resource of biographies for any musician.

You can learn all about the characteristics of Baroque period in this guide.

Music Gifts for Her

Mobile Phone Purse

When you have an instrument to carry, a handbag is something you can do without. However, you still need somewhere to keep a bit of cash and your mobile. Hence, this purse is a fabulous gift for a musician

This cute cell phone purse which is made from synthetic leather, so it’s vegan friendly. There are three credit card slots inside and a small compartment for money. 

You can also fit a chapstick and a small car key.  The stitching and embroidery are beautiful and the zip opens easily. 

There is a long shoulder strap with this purse.  However, I love the fact that it fits in my saxophone case which makes it easy to carry my phone and cash while out gigging.

Musical Theatre inspired Bag

Everyone loves a tote bag and this musical inspired one is both stylish and vibrant.  It’s machine washable and made from cotton canvas. It’s a little on the small side however, you can fit sheet music in it and a tablet device.

Best Gifts for Pianists

Music Mugs

There’s no shortage of music mugs on the market however, I know from experience that ornamental handles are totally impractical. I have several beautiful mugs that live in a display cabinet collecting dust, as you can’t hold them.

I can also tell you that many musicians are perfectionists and when you buy one mug, it’s no good unless you are drinking tea alone. These fine china music mugs come in a set of four so they solve that problem.

They also have normal handles and are dishwasher friendly. Not only that you can put them in the microwave too, so when you’ve forgotten to drink your tea because you’ve been so engrossed in your music playing, you can warm it up again.

Music Tote bag

Bags for musicians always make a great present, as they are so useful for carrying or storing music in. 

This bag is made from 600g poly canvas with a durable backing.  The main compartment has a zip closure and can hold plenty of sheet music.  There’s even a place for your pen.

There are mesh pockets on either side which are perfect for holding a water bottle and a small pocket on the front for your purse.  

Small Gifts for Musicians

Sometimes it’s the smallest gifts that are the most treasured and it’s always the though that counts.

Music Book Clip

Trust me; as a musician, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been thankful that I keep clothes pegs in my case.  There’s nothing worse than a book whereby the page that you’re playing won’t stay open. 

The only problem with clothes pegs is that they don’t particularly look nice and they snap easily. 

These beautiful music page clips are made from tempered steel, which makes them shine and strong.

They are simple to use and so effective that they make perfect musicians gifts. You can use them with other books as well.

Music Phone Cover

Phone covers make fantastic gifts for people who like music if you know what type of device they have. There is a huge range to choose from but here are a few of my favourites.

Graphique Vintage Musical Flat Notes 

I’m always telling my students to make notes, whether it be to learn scales or write down what they need to practice. These delightful, musical themed cards measure 625″ X 3. 5” and come in a beautiful box. 

There are 50 note cards in the pack, and they come with matching envelopes, so they are fantastic for handwritten messages and invites. 

One side of the card is decorated with a snippet from the Waltz in Ab Major Op 39, No 15 by Johannes Brahms so you can use them as thank you cards too. The graphic lines make it easy to write notes (pardon the pun) neatly.

Get a set for your music stand or piano at the same time!

Cheap Gifts for Musicians

Less is sometimes more and manuscript paper is one of the best gifts for musicians. Amazon have a great collection of books, here’s a couple of my favourites.

Best Gifts for Violinists

Any string player will love these black socks that are made from a blend of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex.  They are handmade, comfy to wear, and the high needle count ensures that the image is clear.

Best Gifts for Saxophone Players

As a saxophone player, I can tell you that I have received far too many saxophone ornaments so I’m going to give them a miss here. However, they do make a good gift if the person doesn’t have any.

Musical Clock

These old vinyl records have been creatively turned into great gifts for music lovers. Anyone who plays the saxophone will love this unique clock.

As wall clocks, they look stunning and they’ll look fantastic on any wall.  They measure 30 cm in diameter and the mechanism is battery operated (although you’ll have to buy those separately. They are shipped securely in a box to protect the delicate vinyl.

Good Gifts for Music Teachers

Giving a gift to a music teacher is something they’ll appreciate. Trust me, they work hard to ensure you get the best results with your music. A gift with real thought behind it will bring a tear to their eye, I know as I’ve been there on so many occasions.

Here are a few of my favourites, inspired by gifts I’ve received in the past.

Music Lover Embroidered Pillow Cover

Cushions look great in music rooms and have more of a personal touch than a box of chocolates or bath soaps. 

These cushion covers (sadly they don’t come with the filling, but you can buy one alongside it) are soft and beautifully handmade. 

They come in a range of colours and sizes. They are adorable and fantastic if you’re looking for gift ideas musically inspired.

Music Tote Bag

Whether you are looking for a bag to carry music books or groceries this soft fabric canvas tote bag is perfect for music lovers. 

It has a zipper closure and is machine washable.  The material is soft although durable and it’s waterproof. It’s also worth considering if you are looking for the best gift for a music teacher.

I hope from this list of best gifts for music lovers you’ve found the perfect present, and possibly treated yourself to something in the process.

If you have any other great gift idea’s do let us know in the comments.

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