Learn Music Together helps adults grow and develop their musical skills to play confidently.

Hi, I’m Fiona

And I love sharing my Play Music Better methods so that adults learning to play a musical instrument can make faster and better progress by learning how to practice effectively.

My techniques work for any instrument regardless of the level you are at.

So let’s make progress together!

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Play Music Better- Read the book.

In her book, music examiner and teacher Fiona Berry will show you how to overcome frustration and make progress on your musical instrument faster.

Her efficient and effective practice methods break down pieces into manageable portions, and her advice is so encouraging.

” When I read the text, I really felt like the author was talking directly to me!”

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Whatever standard you are, you’ll take your music to another level entirely, thanks to Fiona’s reliable and efficient practice techniques.

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“I’ve learnt so much.  It’s been so encouraging at the start of my musical journey with LMT to see how everyone is developing and supporting one another. – I feel like I’ve come home being in this community.” Jennifer

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For over 20 years, I’ve been teaching music, and since 2016 I have been travelling the world as a music examiner for Trinity College London.

I have examined thousands of students on a wide array of instruments in numerous styles of music.

Having met with many music teachers, academy leaders, conservatoire lecturers and professional musicians, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the best ways to practice so you can play music better and with confidence.